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March 22, 2024

Manitoba Government Releases Third Quarter Fiscal Report

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The Manitoba government released the 2023-24 third quarter report, which shows an increase in the forecasted deficit from the second quarter released in December 2023 and a significant increase in the deficit as reported in the first quarter by the previous government, Finance Minister Adrien Sala announced today. 

“We know the previous government hid the true picture of Manitoba’s books and our administration is dealing with those inherited challenges,” said Sala. “We’re dealing with a bad situation, but we have a plan to implement fiscal responsibility in our health system and launch reviews into prior budgetary decisions within service delivery organizations.” 

The third quarter report provides the fiscal and economic update for Manitoba for 2023-24. This report is based on the latest economic forecasts. 

The minister noted the increase is largely attributable to significant unbudgeted overspending in the health-care sector. These increases, spurred by decisions made by the previous government, were not included in the first quarter update, added Sala. 

As a result of health-care overspending, Sala noted the government has launched a forensic audit of the Northern Regional Health Authority and will be launching comprehensive financial audits at Shared Health as well as the Winnipeg, Interlake-Eastern and Prairie Mountain regional health authorities. These audits will review budgeting and spending practices to ensure expenditures deliver real results for Manitobans, he said. 

The 2023-24 Third Quarter Report Fiscal and Economic Update is available at:

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